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    Ms. Rekha Munot

    “I ,the parent of Mitika Jain is proud to be part of DPS School. This school has made a great impact on my child.She enjoys every day and looks up to her teacher. I am very happy for my child. she has been well looked after in school and learned a lot of things and progressing day by day. I am extremely happy with her performance. In the time of covid, online classes were very good. My child did not have any difficulty in the online classes. Teachers did their hard work . I am happy with the school . The school has excellent staff and environment . This school indeed makes every student strong and ensures that each student is able to realize his goals and strive for perfection. I only say that DPS is the best school in Bhilwara and I thank to DPS and their whole team for thier great effots during the difficult time."

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    Sunil Vyas

    “I, Sunil Vyas, parent of Tiya Vyas grade -7th would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers of DPS for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun, all this through distance learning. It is very difficult to teach online. However you all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning becomes smooth. I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning properly. The kids are also enjoying the co-curricular activities. It is really commendable. Once again thank you to all the teachers who are helping my child learn today and everyday. A special thanks to admin staff for always being available whenever we need their help. My all queries are answered by them.A big thanks to Team DPS."

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    Nikhil Agarwal

    “ It was just when all the kids were anxious to start their new term the Covid 19 lockdown announcement happend and damaged all the plans but the team of the DPS was really quick to take a decision and start over the Virtual Classes instead of scontinuing or putting a stop to the studies the team really put in a lot of hard work. They really helped the students to transform themselves and adopt to this new pattern of studies. There was a lot of communication that happened between the students and teachers kept the parents informed accordingly. I congratulate the entire team of DPS for the really wonderful work that they have done and I'm really proud to be a part of such a wonderful committed DPS family.”.

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    Mrs. Payal jain

    “Greeting everyone, Today I got the opportunity to thank DPS school for managing online classes in such pandemic situation and for keeping my child busy in different creative activities and knowledgeable classes. They are teaching new things every day. The staff, especially the class teacher listens to my kid very patiently, gives her proper feedback never ignores her, and whenever we need some help regarding the studies, she responds very well, clearing the doubts of Pahal every time. I really appreciate the teachers' sincere dedication towards Pahal and every student. Lastly, I would also like to thank the school management.”.

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    Mrs. Neha Sharma

    “When asked to write about the overall experience with online classes,class delivery by the teacher etc, I feel compelled to give my feedback. To be able to conduct online classes for kindergarten sections during the pandemic,I extend my thanks and congratulate the school for their efforts.I especially appreciate the efforts put by the class teacher in managing the students in an online setup of class delivery. She has always been patient in her conduct and responsive towards parents' queries. The classes have been conducted almost regularly. The syllabus has been covered on time and exams were too conducted timely. Though there have been few technical issues on the platform while attending classes sometimes,but the school addressed them well. I truly appreciate the efforts by the teacher in conducting monthly competitions/activities which instilled enthusiasm in students. The limited time of classes never hindered the learning as everything was well planned and executed well. Again, I'd say thanks to the school and particularly teachers for keeping their spirits high during this difficult time and doing their job so well.”.

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    Mrs. Monika Kanwar

    “Ma'am, online classes were necessary for the children to continue their studies. The Class teacher teaches children very well with great enthusiasm. The way of teaching children in DPS school is very good and simple. Along with studies,school also gives attention towards extra activities. Thanks”.

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    Ms.Rashmi Kogta

    “Thank You, DPS to provide great efforts with full enthusiasm for online learning. This was very necessary for the growing children to continue and update with their studies in this Global Pandemic "COVID-19", We are heartily thankful and appreciate the DPS staff and teachers for providing the best way of learning with various interesting curricular activities, and, conducting virtual PTM..and interaction with parents also, Me and My kid learned and enjoyed a lot through online classes. Thank You, DPS”.

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